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🧡Milk Kefir - It’s GUT For you!

👉Milk kefir grains have been cultivated for hundreds if not thousands of years in the mountainous region of the Balkans, and the milk kefir recipe has been handed down for generations. Rich in beneficial bacteria, yeast and healthy acids, this tangy treat is held in high esteem for its #probioticliciousness.

❗️The kefir grains are not technically grains! They are built up by a complex community of lactic acid and acetic acid bacteria and yeasts confined in a matrix of proteins and polysaccharides. Kefir consumption has been associated with a wide range of functional and probiotic properties that could be attributed to the micro-organisms present in kefir and/or to the metabolites synthetized by them during milk fermentation. 🔬

❓Commercial x homemade?🤔

👉The milk kefir recipe for most commercial versions are quite different from the homemade kefir. The commercial version is generally full of sweeteners and thickening agents in order to create a uniform product. Those products often have less diversity of microbial culture, so remember that convenience comes at a cost! ☝️

Do you want to learn how to make kefir and other probiotic homemade fermented foods AND to learn more about synbiotic nutrition?

Join our fermentation workshops! 🙌Contact us at for more info!

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