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Do you want to learn more about the synbiotic nutrition principles, and what you should eat to keep a balanced and healthy  microbiome?


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Synbiotic Kitchen Fermentation Lab

Synbiotic Nutrition For Professionals

Come and learn how to make some gut loving foods and how to boost your immune system. This is going to be fun!


Join us for a beginners guide and an introduction into the how’s, what’s, why’s of synbiotic nutrition and the magic of lacto fermentation. Be ready for a hands-on workshop where you will explore the gut health benefits of adding probiotics and prebiotics into your diet and make your own fermented goodies. You will learn the principles behind lactic-acid fermentation and how to make your own fermented foods using organic vegetables, herbs, & spices.


What to expect:

  • A discussion on the importance of probiotic and prebiotic foods to keep a healthy gut.

  • Learn how to care for your homemade ferment.

  • How to include them in your daily food routine.

  • Step by step information guide will be provided.

  • Take your own fermented veggies home with you.

  • Have a great time making them and make some new friends too!

  • The opportunity to taste different foods + buy exclusive products from our partners.

  • Email support for you after the workshop.


We recommend you to bring your favorite chopping/slicing knife and chopping board, an apron (as things can get a bit messy on a fermenting workshop). Everything else is provided by us.


All allergies and health issues related to food must be communicated to the organizer before the event. You can contact us via email

Duration: 2:30h

Are you running or working in a small or medium sized business in the food industry? Great! We are providing professional workshops to inspire and help you to improve the healthy benefits of the foods that you produce.


Learn more about the trends, new scientific knowledge and technological developments within microbiome science and nutrition, get inspired and experiment with new ingredients.


Contact us at for more detailed information regarding the content and price.

Synbiotic Supper

Come and explore the flavors & textures of fermented foods and other gut friendly delights at our Synbiotic Suppers. During the event, you will have the chance of trying different dishes with featured gut-friendly foods, alongside other carefully-sourced healthy ingredients.


Throughout the event, which will feature different super-powered foods and drinks, you'll learn more about the benefits of fermented foods, probiotics, prebiotics and synbiotic nutrition. You will also have the chance to bring home some delicious gut-friendly products to feast your gut bugs at home.

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